We translate brand reality into visual language




Describing reality with images is our passion.
We specialize in interior photography and staged sessions.

We believe that a good execution is a combination of the IDEA (a coherent concept), the TECHNIQUE (perfect implementation) and the support of the TEAM.

Each project is different – it requires a different approach, tools and team of people.

We make:

+ product and interior staged sessions;
+ themed photo shoots;
+ commercial company and brand image sessions.

We’re happy to help:

+ furniture and interior furnishing producers and designers;
+ home & living editorial and publishing houses;
+ advertising agencies;
architects and interior designers;
+ developers;
+ business establishment owners;
+ private individuals, who look for a favorable presentation of their property for sale.

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    meeting, conversation

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    inspirations, references

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    sketches, texts, mood boards

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    team assembly, technical prep, formalities

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I am in need of a brand image session, but I do not know how to go about it. Can I contact you about a project like this? How does it work?

Certainly! These are our favorite type projects. We usually start with exchanging a few emails or with a meeting and a conversation during which we listen, but also ask a lot of questions. Later, we prepare an offer and a quote for the session concept. After the cost estimate is accepted, we sign a contract. What follows is a presentation of two or three session concepts and the one that meets the client’s expectations the most wins. This is the concept we further refine. We then prepare a full cost estimate and set the work schedule. Once those are approved, we proceed with a comprehensive implementation – we gather a team, do a technical prep, construct a shooting plan and execute the photo session. We proceed with post-production, and finally, after the approval, we send the final materials to the client.

I have a brief and a photo session layout and I’m looking for someone to execute it for me. Would you be able to make it happen?

Yes, we produce photo sessions as well. We will help you gather the right team, take care of formalities and organize the photo session according to your plan.

Do you only work in Poland or also abroad?

We are open to projects anywhere in the world 🙂

Do you have experience with sessions that require building scenography?

Yes! And we must admit – we really like such projects.

I am an interior designer. I am interested in commissioning a staged session for one of my projects to put up on a website as part of my portfolio. How does a collaboration with you look like?

At the beginning we work out the scope of the execution. A staged photo session of this type usually also requires styling, in addition to photography. In the first phase, we define the atmosphere and the style of the photos, the nature of lighting and the type of post-production. Next, we prepare a styling proposal. Later on, the stylist with an assistant look for the right props and accessories and take care of delivering them to the photoshoot location. Besides the photographer, stylist and her assistant, the interior designer is also present on the set to approve the photos during the session. We shoot the individual frames in accordance to the previously prepared shooting plan.

I have bad experience with hiring a 'professional' photographer. Can I commission a test session with you to check your skills?

Yes, but only when you plan for a continuous collaboration with our design agency, which includes signing a contract. However, we must admit that we have always passed the tests 🙂

I have a photo session executed by a different photographer, but the pictures don’t look as good as the ones in your portfolio. Can you retouch my photos to achieve the effect that I’m looking for?

We execute comprehensive projects, because only then we are able to guarantee the highest quality that results from our experience. Sometimes, despite the graphic designer’s skills, the materials from a different photographer don’t allow for achieving the desired postproduction effects, and that is why we do not undertake executions of this type.

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