Świdermajer with a modern soul

Świdermajer with a modern soul

Hardly anyone goes on vacation today to Józefów near Warsaw. The place that smells like pine forests is now a place where residences are created, referring to the atmosphere of pre-war wooden summer houses.

With the design of such a house, we were approached by clients whose dream was to fit the shape of the building into the character of the local development. The interiors of the house, however, wanted to be minimalist and natural.

We started the work by considering which elements of the external body of the building and the interior of the residence can be simplified and changed to give the house a more modern style.

We proposed minimalist windows with a smaller number of muntins than the original assumption and colors in shades of light and dark gray. Our concept of changes was accepted by the author of the building’s architecture, architect Marek Przepiórka.

The residence, located in a pine forest, is filled with light at any time of the year. The dialogue between interior and exterior and tradition and modernity is present in every room.

The minimalist space full of natural light is dominated by natural materials: Turkish Tundra limestone and light oak planks on the floors. Delicate linen curtains add softness and warmth.

Hidden wardrobes and carpentry elements are the background for sophisticated free-standing furniture. The owner of the house spent many years in Spain, so choosing the equipment we used products of well-known Spanish brands such as: Viccarbe, Treku, Joquer, Parachilna or Santa & Cole.

Art is an important element in building the atmosphere of each house we arrange. Also for this interior, we have prepared references containing paintings, graphics and artistic objects that, in our opinion, correspond best with both the interior design and the aesthetic needs of the owners.


300 sq.m.


interior design, selection of facade colors, author’s supervision








Interior design, author’s supervision: Anna Olga Chmielewska, Mateusz Jendrczak
Interior design concept: Anna Olga Chmielewska, Jola Skóra
Visualizations, technical drawings: Mateusz Jendrczak
Moodboards: Anna Olga Chmielewska

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by Mateusz Jendrczak